Monday, December 31, 2012

Simple Winter Twig Wreath

After all the Christmas decorations have been tucked away, I am trying to decide on what to do for some Winter touches around the house. I put all my Christmas cards on an old green shutter this year and thought I could use it until Spring.  I thought I would try painting a twig wreath and add that to my shutter at the top and maybe put some pictures of some snow fun activities on the rest of it.
I pulled out a twig wreath that I sell in my online store and a can of my Heirloom White spray. You can see the wreaths at my Rustic Goods and Company eBay Store.

 Since it is cold and snowy outside, I grabbed an old yard sale sign and painted my wreath in the garage. I painted the back side of the wreath first and then waited until it was dry.
I flipped the wreath over and painted the other side.  I let it completely dry overnight.  I just wanted a simple wreath to give my home a touch of Winter.  The next day, I added a simple piece of  homespun to the twig wreath. 
As I get some pictures printed of the snow fun we have had during the holidays, I will post the wreath on the shutter that is in the living room.
I will also be selling a painted twig wreath on eBay.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Goals for a New Year

As 2013 approaches, I am making some goals that I need to keep for the new year ahead. I would like to post more on here with some projects and items that I list on ebay. 2012 was such a great year for me and that really motivates me to get more projects completed. Thank you for such a great year and wishing you a very happy 2013! Stop by Rustic Goods and Company on eBay for some great Christmas items on sale.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Changing it Up

I know I have been missing in action! I have been very busy working on my eBay shop and doing a few changes around the house.  I had Troy take out all of the clutter from his bathroom and I am also doing the same in mine.  We have cleaned off our storage shelf in the basement for a Yard Sale we are having at the end of the week with me niece, Thea. 

Troy's bathroom wall looks so plain now...all the clutter has  been removed.  We have cleaned the slate and now will make plans for paint, wall treatment and some creative way to hang the towels.

We are trying to take all the clutter out of our house.  If it doesn't make us happy or have a is out of here!  I got some motivation from reading one of my favorite blogger posts from House of Smiths. We have cleaned out the hall closet and somewhat organized it....still waiting for my new Foldable Fabric Baskets from Joss and Main.  They had some really nice organizational tools to help keep spaces neat and tidy. Once I get the fabric baskets, I will be able to place lots of the items in the closet into order....finally.

I also ordered a Milan Storage Unit from Joss and Main.  Our house doesn't really have much of an entryway, so I may use this unit for an entryway console for us to stash our personal items. As of right now, we have a bad habit of using our dining table as a clutter catcher... as you can see Troy's keys, wallet, Rickshaw Bag, and weather radio.  I really think Troy will like this idea...he likes to be able to find things easily and keep things organized...i am really bad about losing things around the house..oops.

I am really hoping this deep cleaning and organizing over the next several months will keep things tidy so wasted time isn't spent on housework and more time for having fun!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Uses for Old Ladders

How do you use your old ladder find?  I have had this ladder since I built my house in 1999.  

Head on over to Funky Junk Link Party - Ladders to see how others are using their great ladder finds.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Gatherings

Winter Gatherings everyone!  I have been so busy during the holiday season that I didn't even have time to blog.  I am hoping everything slows up a bit so I can grab a breath and give some updates. 

I have been working on personalized ornaments and listing lots of items on eBay at Rustic Goods and Company.  I have been selling extras that were left from the shop since it has been closed.  I really miss my primitive shop, so I am hoping within a couple of years we can get built out here on our property in the country.

Grab a Personalized Snowman Ornament for Valentines Day...this would be great for your Winter Sweetheart!  Order one on eBay at Rustic Goods and Company

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally....A Post

I know....Where have I been?  I am getting back into the blogging mode again to keep in touch with you.  I am preparing to start selling some items from the shop on eBay.  I have started listing some Fall items and will begin listing some Personalized Ornaments soon. So check out some of my items on ebay at Rustic Goods and Company.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tis The Season?

Christmas is right around the corner....and I have begun to list some primitive boxed cards on eBay.  I know I have been missing in action, but I have been very busy working at my main job.  We closed the shop at the beginning of Summer because my niece moved her Curves business and there wasn't enough room for Rustic Goods & Company.  I think I am going to spend some time make some hand mades and enjoy listing things from the shop on eBay.
I will be listing lots of handmade ornaments, Fall items, snowman and so much more!  I have some twig wreaths, stars and vine garlands. I am also getting ready to list my ever popular personalized ornaments.
Please check back here and eBay for more new things added daily and weekly!
Rustic Blessings~